Well, one week is good
(Tuesday, Jun. 02, 2015)

I broke my fast. I just felt way too shitty - brain fuzzy, screwing up at work, feeling exhausted all the time (i quit liquid caffeine at the same time), my right knee was in agony (repairing itself like all the sites say?), and all my bones just ached.

So I broke my fast with about 8 oz of eye of round (or whatever) roast and about a cup of steamed asparagus, which was approximately way too much. I have a stomach ache now. ;-;

It came to the point where I thought - buy a juicer and a shitton of fruit and veggies and do it the real way and not the shitty Bolthouse Farms way OR break my fast and try not to eat like an obese American, and I chose the latter.

Now, to learn to cook healthily for myself - I pretty much slap a piece of meat in a pan, throw some herbs at it + steam some veggies and lightly salt them and call it a day. All it takes is not subsisting on 3000 calories of pepsi and hohos a day. Figure it out, me.

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