rehab, relapse, repeat
(Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015)

I've thrown up for the first time in years. Twice.

Once at work!!! after eating cookies. Then I went about 20 hours without eating, ate 360 calories for lunch (two eggs, a low-cal yogurt, and a fruit cup). Then it was bagel day at work so on my way out I grabbed an everything bagel (500? always overestimate) and a cream cheese (70). I made it all the way home before eating it. Then I decided to eat half the marzipan bar I found at the import store yesterday (200), and, after about a 15 second hesitation, the second half (200). Then I locked the bathroom door, turned on the fan and the water faucet, and barfed spectacularly. I'm not sure how much I got up (a couple horrific chunks of everything bagel, possibly part of the marzipan bar), but I'm counting it against myself anyways. I can't eat anything else today.


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